The Allergy, Asthma and Immunology service provides comprehensive consultations, diagnosis, and management of all aspects of allergies, asthma symptoms and immunology for both children and adults.  These include:


Allergy Testing

At NorthShore, our experts offer various allergy testing options to help determine what substance is causing an allergic reaction. In a skin test, a small amount of the allergen is placed on or below the skin. For those patients unable to have a skin test, a blood test may be used to identify antibodies in the blood in response to allergens.

Depending on the results of the allergy testing, patients may receive allergy shots or immunotherapy. The goal of these treatment options is to help reduce allergy symptoms over time.

allergy test

Asthma Symptoms & Treatment

Living with asthma symptoms can be challenging. Our immunology team develops action plans to help asthmatic patients better manage their symptoms. Patients will learn what medicine to take, what to do during an asthma attack and how to treat inflammation in the lungs to minimize asthma symptoms long-term.

Visit our additional pages below to learn more about the services we offer for allergy testing and managing asthma symptoms.


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