The Ambulatory Primary Care Innovations Group (APCIG) is a Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN). We link practicing clinicians with research, quality improvement, support and resources to produce solutions and enhance their practice. Our ultimate goal is to produce outcomes that are relevant and easily assimilated into everyday practice. 

Our Mission

Quality Innovation

The principal mission is to develop, test, and disseminate novel strategies for improving the quality of care for primary care patients in ambulatory settings in collaboration with leaders in specialist medicine, inpatient medicine, and clinical operations. These strategies address a wide variety of problems representing both organizational and national quality priorities.

Development of Leaders in Medical Quality

APCIG supports the NorthShore Quality Fellowship, designed to help develop highly motivated and skilled physicians committed to quality improvement in health care.

Supporting NorthShore’s Quality Mission

APCIG shares its expertise in quality improvement with quality leaders in the Medical Group through planned education, application of informatics resources to support the quality mission, interpretation of evidence related to quality, and identification of appropriate strategies (best practices) for NorthShore for quality improvement. In this context, APCIG helps identify, implement, and evaluate clinical practice guidelines within Medical Group practices based on scientific valid strategies. Through its close relationship with Medical Group physicians in ambulatory practices, APCIG also shares a practice-based perspective on the importance, feasibility, and challenges of proposed quality improvement efforts with the leadership of the Medical Group and of NorthShore.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

APCIG assumes responsibility for all continuing professional development within the Department of Family Medicine. As such, continuing professional development encompasses not only traditional continuing medical education activities but also systematic implementation of interventions to support education and evaluation of the impact of both education and implementation interventions. Continuing professional development is aligned with both institutional quality priorities and the learning needs of department members. Faculty members from other departments are welcome to participate in family medicine CPD planning. Our long-term aim is to develop a successful system for delivering CPD that is either expanded or adopted by other departments.