Because treatment of lateral skull base lesions, such as acoustic neuromas, is determined by a multidisciplinary team, NorthShore offers patients an unbiased approach to care. This team includes Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology, among other disciplines.  Each patient is presented with a care plan that is tailored to his or her own unique situation, taking mutliple factors, such as patient preference, age, degree of hearing loss and other medical conditions, into account.

Depending on your condition, treatment options may include medical or surgical intervention. Hearing aids, which can be fitted and tested by an audiologist, are often available to improve hearing. In the case of otosclerosis, where the stapes bone in the ear becomes fixed and no longer vibrates, an otologist is also able to perform outpatient surgery to replace the bone with a small titanium implant, restoring hearing completely.

For adults and patients with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, cochlear implants are available to restore hearing, along with speech therapy for children whose speech development may have been impacted. Patients as young as one year of age are able to receive implants, which can greatly improve speech development as well as hearing when implemented early on. Before determining if a patient is a candidate for a cochlear implant, an evaluation and consultation will be performed by a specialist.

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