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Low Hospital Readmissions

The expertise and skills of NorthShore’s orthopaedic specialists is reflected in our extraordinarily low readmission rates for total joint replacement surgeries. Compared against CMS national averages, NorthShore readmits patients at far lower rates than other hospitals across the country for both hip and knee replacements. We are one of the best in the nation, and best in the state (in 2014 and 2015).

While the hospital is where joint replacement surgeries take place, your home is where your recovery and rehabilitation truly begins. We work to ensure individuals successfully transition out of the hospital following surgery through careful discharge planning and integrated multidisciplinary support throughout the process.

Unplanned readmission to the hospital after joint replacement surgery can be frightening and disrupt your rehabilitation. Our attention to your care during your hospital stay and after enables us to significantly reduce unexpected hospitalizations due to surgical or other health complications.