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Required Rotations | Program Conferences

Required Rotations (for Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, 4 years)

Anatomic Pathology (27 months)

Anatomic Pathology encompasses autopsy pathology, cytopathology and surgical pathology and it specialties. Sub-specialty rotations include dermatopathology (required) and neuropathology (elective). All first-year residents spend the first month training on the autopsy service to develop their dissection skills and microscopic interpretation of normal and abnormal histology. Further autopsy rotations are interspersed throughout the residency. Residents also do a monthly four-person rotation in surgical pathology, allowing for in-depth case review and collaboration with faculty and staff.

  • Autopsy - 5 months of assigned service + weekend on-calls
  • Cytopathology - 3 months
  • Dermatopathology - 1 month
  • Forensic Pathology at the Office of the Medical Examiner of Cook County - 1 month
  • Pediatric Pathology at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago - 1 month
  • Surgical Pathology - 16 months

Clinical Pathology (18 months)

Residents are integrated into laboratory functions through sign-out of cases, didactic sessions with director and laboratory staff, involvement in consults and case reviews as well as other exercises. Residents also spend time at the bench learning the technical aspects of test performance in each lab.

  • Biochemistry/Immunology - 4 months
  • Blood Bank - 3 months
  • Cytogenetics - 0.5 months
  • Hematology/Flow Cytometry - 4 months
  • Lab Management - 0.5 months
  • Microbiology - 3 months
  • Molecular Diagnostics - 1 month
  • Advanced (Integrative) CP - 2 months

Elective Rotations (for AP/CP, 4 years)

  • Either Anatomic or Clinical Pathology -  3 months

Program Conferences

Weekly Conferences

  • Cytopathology Conference
  • Frozens Conference
  • Anatomic Pathology Conference
  • Hematopathology Conference
  • Dermatopathology Conference
  • Medical Grand Rounds (Organized by the Department of Medicine)
  • Clinical Pathology Conference   
  • Hematology/Oncology Conference (Co-organized by Oncology)       
  • Autopsy Conference     
  • Surgical Unknowns Conference

Bi-Weekly Conferences

  • Neuropathology Conference
  • Renal Conference

Twice Monthly Conferences

  • Case of the Week

Monthly Conferences

  • Clinical Pathology Mortality and Morbidity Conference
  • Journal Club
  • Medical Mortality Conference (Organized by the Department of Medicine)

Quarterly Conferences

  • Pediatric Mortality Conference (Organized by the Department of Pediatrics)

Variable Conferences

  • Surgical Mortality Conference (Organized by the Department of Surgery)

* All conferences are organized by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine unless otherwise noted.