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Shaping Jean's Future

Thursday, March 30, 2017 7:14 AM

One in five women will develop Alzheimer’s and one in 10 men will develop it. Both females’ and males’ risk doubles if they have a parent or sibling with the disease. Jean Buchband, a resident of Glenview and a 49­year old mother of three teenagers, is not wasting any time as she has a family history of Alzheimer’s. Jean shares her story on how the NorthShore Center for Brain Health is shaping her future.


You see, my mother struggles with Alzheimer’s disease, and I was curious to learn if I was at risk of developing Alzheimer’s, too. So, I sought advice from the NorthShore Center for Brain Health and Dr. Maraganore, Medical Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute.

After undergoing a personalized medicine evaluation, involving an extensive questionnaire and genetic testing, I learned that I have a protective gene from my father that significantly reduces my risk of developing Alzheimer’s. That is good news, but that’s not all I learned.

Dr. Maraganore and his team of multidisciplinary experts taught me how to alter a few lifestyle habits to further reduce my family’s risk. With increased heart-pumping exercise, a brain-healthy Mediterranean diet and active mental activities, my family and I are making choices each day that will improve our future health and well-being. Nutritionist Emmaline Rasmussen also shares recipes with me that even my three teenagers enjoy!

Dr. Maraganore has empowered us to be proactive with our health. With his compassionate and personalized approach, he turned a potentially difficult situation into a positive one for me and my family.

In honor of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, Jean Buchband is recognizing and thanking Dr. Maraganore. If a NorthShore physician made a difference for you or someone in your family, consider honoring them with a donation this Doctors’ Day