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We are here to provide the care you need. Our centers of care are experiencing high volumes and long wait times. Learn about your care options. Currently, no routine visitors are allowed at the hospital or at any outpatient care centers.

Access to Non-COVID-19 Care

We are currently scheduling non-emergency surgical and elective procedures, testing procedures, outpatient services, and physician office appointments. In doing so, we want you to know that our facilities and practices are safe and open for care. We have instituted federal, state, and best practice health guidelines for the safety and well-being of our care teams and patients. Please refer to the following frequently asked questions.

NorthShore Non-Emergency Surgical and Elective Procedures

Will I undergo a COVID-19 test before my elective case?

All patients will be tested for COVID-19 before undergoing surgical and elective procedures that are performed in an operating room or procedure area.

Is it safe for me to have my surgery or procedure at a NorthShore hospital?

Yes. Please be assured that NorthShore has robust screening processes and infection prevention protocols in place to make sure our patients receive quality and safe care.

How will I be notified about my scheduled surgery?

Your surgeon or interventional procedure physician, or a member of their team, will contact you directly to schedule your surgery or procedure. If you wish to reach us, please contact your physician to inquire about getting your surgery or procedure scheduled.

What do I need to do to prepare for my surgery or procedure once it’s scheduled?

Your surgeon or interventional procedure physician, or a member of their team, will give you detailed instructions specific to you and your condition to prepare for a safe surgery or procedure. You will be tested for COVID-19 as part of your pre-surgery preparation.


NorthShore In-Office and Telehealth Visits and Lab Work for Non-COVID-19 Patients

How is NorthShore handling ALL doctor’s appointments for patients who don’t need surgery and don’t have COVID-19?

You may call your doctor’s office or visit NorthShoreConnect to schedule an appointment. You will be asked a series of screening questions about symptoms and contact exposure history.

Following the screening, your physician and care team will coordinate the next steps, including determining whether an in-person or telehealth (video-enabled device) visit is most appropriate for your needs.

What should I expect when I arrive for my appointment?

You will undergo our screening assessment before entering the doctor’s office. If you do not pass the screening, our staff will contact your doctor to determine the next steps. You will be required to wear a mask during your visit. The mask must cover your mouth and nose.

Is it safe to wait for my appointment in the office waiting area?

For everyone’s protection, we ask all patients and visitors to socially distance in the waiting rooms. All chairs are positioned six feet apart and everyone is required to wear a mask. In our physician offices, please arrange with the front desk if you prefer to wait in your vehicle.

What else is NorthShore doing to promote physical distancing in the office?

For most appointments, patients on NorthShoreConnect can eCheck-in 48 hours prior to their appointment. Additionally, if you have the NorthShoreConnect Mobile App on your smartphone and “Appointment Arrival” enabled in settings, you can notify us when you arrive for your visit. This technology promotes a contactless check-in and arrival experience and/or greatly reduces the time you need to spend at the front desk of the office.