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Be a Safety Ambassador!

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Spread the word. Not the virus.

Help spread the word about key COVID safety measures to neighbors, family and friends. Resources include The COVID Safety Promise, Protect 5 Friends Sharable Image, Infographics & Animations , and more. Use these easy templates to share messages to your contacts. Check back regularly for new resources to share!

Sign The COVID Safety Promise
Pledge to keep yourself and the ones you love safe from COVID by signing the COVID Safety Promise.

Here are just a few ideas on how to use these toolkit resources to spread the word on safety:

  • Post on your Facebook page or other social media outlet
  • Email image to your contacts
  • Text image to family and friends
  • Share information during a family video call
  • Print an image to display or post in your window
  • Share the link with influencers in your community so they can access the entire toolkit


Protect Yourself. Protect 5 Friends.
Share this image online with five of your friends, and ask them to share it with 5 of their friends. Help spread the word in our communities to not spread the virus.


Safety Ambassador Documents
Use these templates for easy ideas on what to pass on to your group via social media or emails.  The COVID Safety Toolkit Flier is a great printout or shareable QR code for quick access to the toolkit.


Infographic and Animated GIFs
Use these images and GIFs to spread the word about proper ways to mask and more. Teens can get involved too so we can all spread the word, not the virus!


Facebook Frames (coming soon)
Customize your Facebook profile image using one of our Facebook frames, and help spread the word on safety! To add one of these frames to your Facebook page:

profile mask1
profile mask2