NorthShore University HealthSystem Chats NorthShore Physician Chats.Copyright 2017 NorthShore University HealthSystemTaking Control of Your Stress with Dr. Bethany Lo Presti<p>Between work, social events, and plenty of other activities, we often forget to give ourselves a break, and the stress that follows can take a major toll on both physical and mental health. If you’re having trouble breaking out of your stress cycle, join <a title="Bethany Lo Presti, PhD" href="" target="_top">Bethany Lo Presti, PhD</a>, NorthShore <a title="Psychology" href="/link/68a5e7ed316841b09f443a72b0bb6128.aspx" target="_top">Clinical Psychologist</a> for a chat. She’ll take your questions on stress, its causes and how it can impact health, and provide some expertise on ways you can better manage and reduce your stress and anxieties.</p> <p>&nbsp;<img alt="" src="/link/90cc93f64a074fc5a049a51eb98fe804.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, November 07, 2017Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & More with Dr. Nadim Ilbawi<p>After a checkup, a few simple tests can reveal a lot about you; cholesterol, temperature, blood pressure, vitamin levels and more. When it comes to everyday life, how do these numbers actually correspond to your health? Join <a title="Nadim Ilbawi, MD" href="" target="_top">Dr. Nadim Ilbawi</a>, <a title="Family Medicine" href="/link/46ff0c16bf894636aa573c30d3539d76.aspx" target="_top">Family Medicine</a> at NorthShore, for a chat on knowing your numbers. He will take your questions on these numbers and what they mean for a healthy adult, and provide tips for how you can address them with your doctors.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/446dbb7927bc4ce28f378c244bdfbead.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, September 26, 2017Cancer Care through Nutrition: Making Healthy Diet Choices with Lori Bumbaco, RDN, CSO, LDN<p>Those who are being treated for cancer or who are caring for someone who is know how exhausting treatment can be on the body, and the importance a proper diet has during and after treatment. Even those who do not have cancer can benefit from a diet aimed towards prevention. <span>Lori Bumbaco,&nbsp;</span><a href="">Oncology Dietitian</a>&nbsp;<span>at NorthShore</span>, can help you get started; she’ll be taking questions and providing expertise on healthy diets options for patients, and tips for making your diet part of your prevention plan.&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/17e71c656b3b45bdbe48df44190dbf1f.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, October 17, 2017Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Signs and Treatment with Dr. Elena Moore<p>Ovarian cancer accounts for approximately 3% of cancers in women, and many go undiagnosed until an advanced stage. Increase your awareness about ovarian cancer in a chat with <a title="Elena Moore, MD" href="" target="_top">Dr. Elena Moore</a>, <a title="Gynecologic Oncology" href="/link/a7ceab7d46aa43e69fcd44bfbc255f6d.aspx" target="_top">Gynecologic Oncology</a> at NorthShore – she will be taking your questions and providing expertise on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, current prevention techniques and genetic tests, and the latest available treatment options.&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/23571a790efc403cb2cf4712c318bc6f.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, September 14, 2017Tips for Parents: Preparing Children with Developmental Issues for School with Dr. Evora Brent<p>All parents and children experience a mix of nerves and excitement for back-to-school time, but for children who are also dealing with developmental issues, delays and impairments related to cognitive, language and motor skills, as well as their parents, there are many additional steps that can make this time of year very stressful. How can you prepare before the school year comes around? Join <a title="Evora Brent, MD" href="" target="_top">Dr. Evora Brent</a>, <a title="Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics" href="/link/39f8f99ec4954469a0c7cc36ce451efe.aspx" target="_top">Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician</a> at NorthShore, for a chat during which she will answer your questions and provide tips for preparing your child for school and working throughout the year, as well as resources for parents regarding support and education.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/360c15ccd0c34657819ba993ea803d7c.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, August 09, 2017The New Social Life: Advice for Parents with Teens Online with Dr. Brenda Hernandez<p>In the digital age, new social platforms, apps and ways to communicate are becoming accessible to the younger generation, and it’s not always easy for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing online. Is it easier to have a discussion? Is it too much to ask your teen to show you their accounts and passwords? <a title="Brenda Hernandez, PhD" href="" target="_top">Dr. Brenda Hernandez</a>, <a title="Psychology" href="/link/68a5e7ed316841b09f443a72b0bb6128.aspx" target="_top">Child and Adolescent Psychologist</a> at NorthShore, realizes this struggle for many parents, and is offering some key advice during an online chat. Send her your questions about social media and teens, managing their screen time and how to teach them about current issues including privacy and cyberbullying.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/5bc4518a687248a68e0339970eecdfa6.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, August 24, 2017Facing the Facts about Acne with Dr. Luzheng Liu<p>While acne is often depicted as an adolescent problem that’s supposed to go away by the time you reach adulthood, the truth is that over 50 million Americans of all ages experience this often chronic irritation. Acne can appear almost anywhere on the body in varying forms, and often leaves behind scars or hyperpigmentation that are difficult to get rid of. Before you run to the skincare aisle, get some expert advice from <a title="Luzheng Liu, MD" href="" target="_top">Dr. Luzheng Liu</a>, NorthShore <a title="Dermatology" href="/link/9f6c4f3214f34d91956411dd3a3ac6ae.aspx" target="_top">Dermatologist</a>. She’ll be taking your questions on acne, including types, causes and treatment options, as well as providing expertise on addressing and preventing breakouts and scarring.<br /><br /><img alt="" src="/link/0a0512ab8eb640e88e4d72b45484f459.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, July 26, 2017