May I ask who your surgeon is?  Mine is Dr. Karaholios, a well respected neurosurgeon in his field who has done thousands of these surgeries.  I have confidence in him. 

My dr is David Shapiro who is out of Illinois Bone and joint. Our family has used him for over 20 yrs now. he has done 2 fusions on my dad, one on my husband and has operated on our oldest son 3 times and besides doing 2 lumbar fusions on me he has done a cervical fusion on me 9 yrs ago. so we have been with him a long time and have alot of faith in him. i am 54 yrs old. your dr is also well known. i have spinal stenosis so he had to clean up the nerve area also that was being compressed by the discs. i had alot of pressure on the nerves. as he told my husband after the surgeries this year that my nerves were on fire that is why i had so much burning down both of my legs.


if your doing almost a mile of walking that is good. keep it up. walking helps with the healing process. i hope i am helping you through this. everyone heals differently. my dr has changed his wasy of operating over the years. when my husband had his over 10 yrs ago he was in the hard brace for 6 mos when my son had his 8 yrs ago he wore it for 3 mos. when i had mine 3 yrs ago i was in a hard brace 6 weeks and this time it was a soft brace.


well i need to go to work will check in later

I had fusion L4-L5 (and them some) I was fitted for my hard brace before I had surgery. It was put on me just hours after. I wore my brace 24-7 except for showering. Wore it for 3 months and then another 3 months of PT.

Thank you, Janet.  I walked for an hour at the mall yesterday at a good pace and am headed out the door soon for another long walk.  It always feels good physically and mentally to get out there and "just do it".  I never realized how fragile and sensitive nerves can be until this experience.  You have certainly faced a lot of spinal surgeries in your family, and I appreciate hearing of your experiences and your encouraging words.  This is week # 10.  :)



Carm829.  Wow, I only have to wear my brace during the day and can keep it off while lying down.  Mine is a hard brace as well.  It does feel good to have it on when walking.  Do you feel that your surgery helped?

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