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  • 18" Mylar Balloon  
    18" Mylar Balloon on ribbon with weight (we have several varieties and will make an appropriate selection for you).
  • Get Well Soon Balloon   $4.00
  • It's a Boy Balloon   $4.00
  • It's a Girl Balloon   $4.00
  • Twins Are Twice As Nice Balloon (not pictured)   $4.00
  • Happy Birthday Balloon (not pictured)   $4.00
  • Smiley Face Balloon (not pictured)   $4.00

  • Cupid Candies  
    Cupid Candies has been manufacturing fine chocolates in Chicago for over 72 years. They offer a deluxe assortment dipped in milk and dark chocolate. CRC approved.
  • 1/2lb Cupid Candies French Mints   $11.50
  • 1/2lb Cupid Candies Mint Meltaways   $11.50

  • Plush Bears  
    Give one of these plush toys for hugs and comfort:
  • Brown Teddy Bear   $19.00
    Brown Teddy Bear by Gund (not pictured) is 16” long and is loveable and huggable for any age.
  • Pink Teddy Bear   $31.00
    My First Teddy Bear by Gund is 20", pink, super soft and a special teddy for baby’s first hugs.

  • Bud Vase   $9.00
    Features premium rose and greens in a 6” bud base, approximately 16” high.

  • Large Bud Vase   $16.00
    Features premium roses, assorted flowers and greens in an 8” bud vase, approximately 20” high.

  • Flower Bouquet   $20.00
    Features assorted seasonal flowers and greens in a ceramic container or mug approximately approximately 12” high.

  • Large Flower Bouquet   $35.00
    Features assorted seasonal flowers like roses, orchids, liatris and greens in a ceramic pot approximately 20” high.

  • Grand Flower Bouquet   $50.00
    Features premium seasonal fresh cut flowers, berries, and assorted greens in a vase or container. Approximately 22” high.

  • Magazines  
    Choose from a large assortment of magazines and we will deliver the most recent edition:
  • Word Find   $3.99
  • Men's Health   $4.99
  • Time   $4.99
  • People   $4.99