When the surgery is complete, you will be transferred to the Recovery Room.  In some cases you will come directly back to Ambulatory Surgery.  In the Recovery Room, you may awaken to a cool mist on your face.  The mist is from either an oxygen mask or nasal tube providing oxygen.  You also will feel pressure on your arm from a blood pressure cuff.

At regular intervals, the nurses will monitor your vital signs:  pulse and respiration rate, blood pressure and temperature.

The Recovery Room is set at a cool temperature.  The nurse can provide warm blankets if you are cold.  Also, let the nurse know if you are experiencing pain or nausea.

Most patients remain in the Recovery Room for at least an hour.  You will be transferred out of the Recovery Room when an anesthesiologist determines you have satisfactorily recovered from the anesthesia.

Next, a transporter will move you on a cart to your post-operative room.  Patients receiving 23-Hour Observation and A.M. Admissions care are admitted to the Hospital.  Outpatients will return to their Ambulatory Surgery room for the remainder of their recovery period.