In your post-operative room, the nurse will take your vital signs and evaluate your IV, surgical site, and your recovery from the anesthesia.  Your family and friends may see you after this assessment is complete.

If you experience discomfort, nausea, chills or a sore throat after surgery,  please notify your nurse so appropriate medication or treatment can be administered.

The anesthesia may make you feel dizzy and unsteady.  Ask for assistance when getting out of bed for the first time or whenever you need help.

At discharge, your nurse will review your surgeon’s written discharge instructions.  It is important that you understand these instructions so that you know what to expect when you are at home.  Please ask the nurse to clarify any information you do not understand. 

Prior to discharge, you must:

  • Have stable vital signs
  • Have adequate pain control
  • Tolerate fluids
  • Walk without dizziness
  • Have a responsible adult take you home
  • For some procedures, you must urinate

Your IV will be removed when you are able to complete these tasks.