Ensuring patient confidentially is a top concern of NorthShore University HealthSystem. To learn more about this, read about our Patient Right and Responsiblities statement.

NorthShore University HealthSystem maintains patient records in accordance with regulatory standards.  These standards do not require that all patient records be permanently retained.  Depending on the date and type of service, patient records and films may no longer be available for access and reproduction.  If you have questions about the retention of specific types of records, please call medical records 847.982.4450.

Request Copy of Your Medical Record

To request a copy of your medical record:

The normal turn around time to receive copies of records is 7-10 business days. If you require the information in less time or on an emergent basis, you may schedule a time to pick up your records. 

You have the right to access, review and get copies of your medical record. You have a right to request amendments to your medical record in accordance with our policies. Except where permitted by law, your medical record cannot be released without your consent.

To contact the medical records department at NorthShore University HealthSystem call 847.982.4450.

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