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American Cancer Society
This organization aims to lead the fight against cancer through its programs in research, patient services, prevention, detection, treatment and advocacy. Provides free information and access to patient services such as Reach to Recovery, Road to Recovery, Look Good Feel Better.

Association of Cancer Online Resources
The Association of Cancer Online Resources information system offers access to a variety of unique websites and is specifically designed to be a public online support group providing information, resources and answers to patients and caregivers.

Cancer Care, Inc.
Cancer Care, Inc. assists people with any type of cancer, at any stage of illness by offering a variety of free services, including counseling, information about treatment, referrals and educational seminars.

310.203.9232 ( 800.4to.CURE
Dedicated to serving the needs of cancer survivors by providing emotional support, education and advocacy to assist survivors as they cope with the cancer experience.

Cancer Wellness Center
215 Revere Dr., Northbrook
847.509.9595 or at 866.292.9355
The Cancer Wellness Center is a not.for.profit organization that provides various services to cancer survivors and their families. Programs and services available to the cancer community include: support groups, networking groups, educational programs, stress reduction programs, exercise programs, individual and group counseling. Please contact the Cancer Wellness Center for a current listing of programs with dates and times. 

Integrative Medicine
Park Center.2400 Chestnut Ave., Glenview
Integrative Medicine is healing.oriented and considers the whole person – body, mind and spirit – including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of both conventional and alternative therapies including:
     · Integrative Medicine physician consultations
     · Oriental Medicine and acupuncture
     · Integrative counseling & stress relief strategies
     · Integrative Bodywork, including massage
     · Energy work
     · Nutrition counseling
     · Herbal medicine counseling
     · Therapeutic yoga and meditation
     · Spirituality counseling

Gilda’s Club Chicago
537 North Wells St., Chicago
Gilda’s Club offers social, emotional and informational support to men, women, and children diagnosed with cancer, as well as support for family members of cancer survivors. Membership is absolutely free.

Lance Armstrong Foundation
This organization provides information and support for patients diagnosed with cancer. Online telephone support available.

Jennifer S. Fallick Cancer Support Center
2028 Elm Road, Homewood 
The Jennifer S. Fallick Cancer Support Center is part of the Cancer Health Alliance of Metropolitan Chicago that specializes in resources and guidance for people dealing with cancer. The center provides information, resources, educational programs, support group services, individual and group counseling to improve the health and lives of cancer survivors.

Legacy.Bereavement Support Group
Contact: Thom Dennis, 847.475.2047
This eight week program is for adults who have experienced the death of a parent. Please call for dates, times and location.

LIFE: Living in the Future Survivorship Program
Contact: 847.926.5818
Living in the Future (LIFE) is an NorthShore University HealthSystem cancer survivorship program designed to create a bridge for continued care of post treatment cancer survivors back to the community, family and primary care setting.

Look Good Feel Better
Contact: Medical Social Work, 847.480.3853
Evanston, Glenbrook, and Highland Park Hospitals
This is a special support group for women actively undergoing cancer treatment that teaches beauty techniques and strategies to combat appearance.related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Offered in collaboration with the American Cancer Society, CTFA and NCA.

Men’s Loss Group          
Contact: Medical Social Work, 847.480.3853
Highland Park Hospital
This monthly support group is for men who have experienced a loss of a partner. Topics will include grief reactions, changing relationships and issues of adjustment.

Mesothelioma Center
We’re committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information about the dangers of asbestos related cancers such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. We also provide treatment options, steps to take after a diagnosis and life expectancy for mesothelioma patients.

Evanston and Highland Park Hospital
Susan O’Neil, PhD & Wendy Rubinstein, MD, PhD
MyGenerations is an interactive program designed to document your family cancer history and determine your own risk of developing cancer which can be shared with your healthcare providers to develop a plan for early cancer detection and prevention. The program also serves as a guide as to whether you should seek a genetics consultation and consider genetic testing.

National Cancer Institute
The NCI, established under the National Cancer Center of 1937, is the Federal Government’s principal agency for cancer research and training.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
301.650.9127 ( 877.622.7937
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship aims to lead and strengthen the survivorship movement, empower survivors and advocates for policy issues that affect their quality of life.

People Living with Cancer
A website developed by ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) to provide information on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, symptom management and survivorship issues.

Road to Recovery
This American Cancer Society program provides rides for cancer patients who are unable to secure their own transportation to and from treatment.

Stress Management Group
Contact: David Victorson, PhD, 224.364.7583
Evanston Hospital
This group teaches meditation and relaxation strategies to cancer patients and caregivers. Participants will also learn how to incorporate these skills into one’s lifestyle for stress management.

Support Group for Women with Cancer
Highland Park Hospital
Contact: Medical Social Work Department
This support group is for women diagnosed with cancer who are trying to balance family needs and

Support for Recovery
This American Cancer Society program provides support to patients diagnosed with cancer. Program matches cancer survivors with similar diagnoses.

Wellness House
131 North County Line Rd., Hinsdale
The Wellness House is a community.based independent organization offering psycosocial support, education and information as a complement to medical treatment to cancer patients, their families and friends.

Wellness Place
1619 West Colonial Parkway, Palatine
The Wellness Place is part of the Cancer Health Alliance of Metropolitan Chicago that specializes in resources and guidance for people dealing with cancer. The center provides information, resources, educational programs, support group services and individual & group counseling to improve the health and lives of cancer survivors.

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