When you think of cancers that affect women, you probably think of breast cancer. Yet malignancies of the colon and rectum (also called colorectal cancer) are common and
often preventable causes of death in women. Women have important biological differences such as longer colons, cancers located further up the colon, and different genetic mutations in their tumors.

NorthShore University HealthSystem's Women’s Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program is committed to meeting the unique healthcare needs of women through specialized programs and services. We offer a range of treatment and prevention services designed to address these unique, gender-related differences and to tailor colorectal cancer prevention efforts for our female patients.

The program was created to increase awareness and address the fears and anxieties about colonoscopy that are barriers to treatment and prevention for women. Some women are unaware that, based on their ethnicity or family history, they are at a higher risk for colorectal cancer.

The program provides women the opportunity to talk with a female specialists, who can answer their questions about colon cancer screenings before the procedure takes place. This discussion helps to reduce pre-procedure anxiety and improves the screening process for women.

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