NorthShore University HealthSystem's team of gastroenterologists and surgeons work together closely to provide you with the most effective and appropriate options should you require surgery. Our surgeons and surgical staff include experts in both laparoscopic and general surgery.  Our patient care team will work closely with you to prepare you for your surgery and ensure that you have the information and resources for follow-up and self-care after the procedure.

Some common GI-related surgeries include:

Abdominal Exploration

A laparotomy is a procedure which involves a surgical incision to explore the body.

A surgical procedure that is performed when it is necessary to remove the diseased part of the large or small intestine.

Part of the colon is pulled through the abdominal wall so stool can drain into a bag. A colostomy may be done after a resection.


Removes part or all of the stomach.

Enlarged veins that are located around the anus are removed.

Whipple Procedure

A complex surgical procedure that involves removing the gallbladder, portions of the pancreas and small intestine, and localized lymph nodes, as well as reconstructing this section of the digestive system.

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