NorthShore University HealthSystem Chats NorthShore Physician Chats.Copyright 2015 NorthShore University HealthSystemCeliac Disease: Gluten Intolerance or Allergy with Dr Deeba MasoodFor many individuals going gluten free isn’t just about a diet, it’s a necessary step to improved health. As with any food allergy or intolerance, symptoms including pain, bloating, diarrhea, fatigue and more can best be managed by eliminating the food from your diet. Join Deeba Masood, MD, Immunologist and Allergist at NorthShore as she answers your questions about recognizing, treating and living with gluten intolerance. Submit your questions today./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=140Wednesday, September 23, 2015Dispelling Myths and Providing the Facts on Concussion with Dr. Elizabeth PierothPlaying a sport, whether contact or not, puts you at increase risk for concussion. Do you know how to recognize the signs? Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth, PsyD, ABPP, the Associate Director of NorthShore University HealthSystem’s Sports Concussion Program, will answer questions from athletes and parents of athletes to dispel the myths that can prevent recovery, from what can cause a concussion to how much time you or your child will need off the field to recover adequately. Submit your questions early./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=137Wednesday, August 26, 2015Coping with Mental Illness as a Caregiver with Neely BennMillions of Americans suffer from some form of a mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders or addictive behaviors. Living with a mental illness can be a stressful process for an individual as well as those that support and care for them. Neely Benn, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker at NorthShore, will answer your questions about how to manage, cope and deal with your family member with a mental illness. She’ll share her knowledge and offer tips on how to be a successful caregiver. Submit your questions now./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=139Thursday, July 16, 2015Rotator Cuff Injuries: Causes, Prevent, Treatment & Recovery with Dr. Mark BowenThe rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that surround the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common sources of shoulder pain. Dr. Mark Bowen, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine at NorthShore, will take questions on rotator cuff injuries, from common causes, to methods of prevention and treatment options. Submit your questions now./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=138Wednesday, July 15, 2015