NorthShore University HealthSystem Chats NorthShore Physician Chats.Copyright 2015 NorthShore University HealthSystemThe Future of Diabetes: Creating a Healthier Lifestyle with Dr. Liana BillingsAs of last year, 29 million Americans, almost 10% of the population, were diagnosed with diabetes, with over 8 million people living without a diagnosis. As diagnoses are expected to increase, physicians like Liana Billings, MD, Endocrinologist at NorthShore are working to research better treatment options and ways to improve a patient’s lifestyle. She will be taking questions on diagnosing and managing diabetes, as well as new discoveries in treatment and prevention./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=144Tuesday, December 01, 2015Breathe Better: Improving the Quality of Your Lung Health with Dr. Stacy RavivDifficulty breathing, chronic cough and inflammation can be attributed to a number of lung conditions, many of which can go undetected without diagnosis. These disorders can be genetic or results of unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking. Lung health is an important part of living a long and happy life, and discovering the truth behind these symptoms is essential; Stacy Raviv, MD, NorthShore Pulmonologist will be taking questions on symptoms of common lung conditions, and providing useful information on lifestyle changes you can make to improve the health of your lungs./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=145Wednesday, November 04, 2015Steps to Survivorship: The Patient Side of Breast Cancer with Kayla RedigA breast cancer diagnosis and all that comes with it is life-changing, and those who are going through it sometimes find it difficult to discuss with others. Kayla Redig, a NorthShore patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, successfully beating it and becoming an advocate, went through this very same situation. She will be taking your questions, sharing her story of survivorship and providing advice for those who are fighting their own cancer battle or are supporting a loved one./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=143Friday, October 16, 2015