NorthShore University HealthSystem Chats NorthShore Physician Chats.Copyright 2016 NorthShore University HealthSystemOne Mother’s Perspective: Perinatal Depression with Chris Beer<p>Experiencing changes in emotions is not unusual for soon-to-be mothers during pregnancy, but for some, the negative feelings and depression continue afterwards. Perinatal depression affects approximately 1 in 7 pregnant women, and many feel unable to relate to those around them and find support. Mother of two Chris Beer knew this exact situation, and found support through the&nbsp;<a title="NorthShore Perinatal Depression Program" href="/link/5e7e7b153041442f8149942971b5311b.aspx" target="_top">NorthShore Perinatal Depression Program</a>. Now, she will be taking your questions and sharing her story about her experience with perinatal depression and overcoming the condition.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/f34570334f41406b811beaeb17d2e830.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, June 27, 2016The Health of Your Bones: Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis with Dr. George Kannankeril<p>It’s normal to experience more aches and pains as you age, but for those diagnosed with osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bone tissue, the risk of more serious complications is much greater. With more than 10 million Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis and another 18 million at risk of developing it, it is incredibly important to start the discussion about what you can do to ensure the health of your bones, and for those who have been diagnosed, to learn about the best treatment options. <a title="George Kannankeril, MD" href="" target="_top">George Kannankeril, MD</a>, Physical Medicine &amp; Rehabilitation specialist within the <a title="NorthShore Arthritis Center" href="/link/f175d358ed254a5e9e58e688da7719c1.aspx" target="_top">NorthShore Arthritis Center</a>,&nbsp;will be taking questions on preventing osteoporosis at all stages of life, and providing insight on the latest diagnostic measures and therapies available.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/9951d4768e5844ba906cb9f7c1d5065a.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, May 26, 2016Summertime Awareness: Protecting Your Skin and Recognizing Damage with Dr. Sheryl Hoyer<p>When summer arrives, many of you will likely head to the beach, plan a visit to a location full of sunshine or think of getting a tan. While fun is on your mind, it’s important to also think about the safety of your skin. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can result in rashes, blisters and freckles, some of which may be symptoms of a more serious condition like skin cancer. Before you head off to start your summer, join <a title="Sheryl Hoyer, MD" href="" target="_top">Sheryl Hoyer, MD</a>, NorthShore <a title="Dermatology" href="/link/9f6c4f3214f34d91956411dd3a3ac6ae.aspx" target="_top">Dermatologist</a>, for a chat on summer skin care. We’ll be taking your questions and providing expert tips on what you need to do to properly protect and nourish your skin, common things to avoid and detecting changes to your skin and the conditions associated with them.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/f964664f30bd4fa2a8024fea0e9c0d72.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, June 09, 2016Improving Your Brain Health: Disease Prevention and Research with Dr. Jim Maraganore<p>Brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease severely affect muscular and cognitive functions, and have lasting impacts on millions of Americans and their families. At NorthShore, we provide innovative strategies to prevent these conditions, and are continuing research efforts targeting treatment and diagnosis. Are you unsure of what steps you can take to improve your brain health? Join us for an online chat with <a title="Dr. Demetrius &quot;Jim&quot; Maraganore" href="" target="_top">Dr. Demetrius "Jim" Maraganore</a>, NorthShore <a title="Neurological Institute" href="/link/4754ae63739c4738bce8cfe288f1e6b1.aspx" target="_top">Neurologist</a>. He will be taking your questions on brain disorders and prevention techniques, everyday ways you can work to improve your brain health and NorthShore’s current research efforts.</p> <p><img alt="" src="/link/a39dc0dad78e4dbe9b2378d6035e5313.aspx" height="480" width="720" /></p>, May 10, 2016