NorthShore University HealthSystem Chats NorthShore Physician Chats.Copyright 2014 NorthShore University HealthSystemAddiction: Signs, Treatment, Recovery & More with Dr. Laura PariseThe signs of addiction may be very apparent in some and non-existent in others. And unfortunately, drug addiction often persists even in the face of dire life consequences. Fortunately, drug addiction is treatable, often through a combination of medication, rehabilitation and therapy. How can you tell if someone you know is struggling with drug addiction? What can/should you do to help? Laura Parise, Addiction Psychiatrist at NorthShore, will answer questions on addiction, from recognizing the signs of addiction in yourself or others to what you can do to recover or help a recovering addict. Questions can be submitted anonymously. Submit your questions early./communityandevents/chat.aspx?id=6004&chat_id=127Thursday, September 18, 2014