Lifestyle Changes Make all the Difference 

Christine didn’t want to believe that she had a heart problem, not even when her heart woke her from a sound sleep last summer. Her heart was pounding so hard and fast that she could feel it in her back and in her arms.

Christine’s husband and son tried to convince her to seek help, but she kept saying “It’ll go away.” After the racing heartbeat continued for 12 hours, she finally relented and went to the emergency room. It wasn’t her first trip to the ER. Six months earlier, Christine  had experienced a similar episode at which she was given blood pressure medication and baby aspirin and advised to watch her diet.

This time around, she was given a stress test and an echocardiogram. She saw cardiologist Eileen Kelly, MD, and Jose Nazari, MD, an electrophysiologist and began taking medications to control her heart rate and cholesterol. She also took a long hard look at her risk factors and decided to make some lifestyle changes.

In a meeting with a Women’s Heart Program Nurse, Christine took a serious look at her diet. She wrote down everything she ate and began to cut out foods that were high in fat and cholesterol. She also set aside time to walk each day. When it’s cold, she walks at the Park Center in Glenview.  She is well on her way to a healthier life and a stronger heart.

She feels more energetic – which is a very good thing for a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 6, and she feels happy that as spring approaches, all of her clothes are getting looser.

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