An estimated 65,000,000 Americans have hypertension, with 28% of that population being undiagnosed and/or untreated. This project utilized the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to identify undiagnosed and untreated adult hypertensive patients using multiple algorithms.

Once patients were identified, patients were scheduled for office visits during which automated office blood pressure (AOBP) measurements were taken by trained office staff. This was to confirm the accuracy of the BP measurements recorded in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and to confirm whether the patient should be diagnosed with hypertension. If the primary care physician confirmed the diagnosis of hypertension, appropriate treatment options were discussed between the physician and patient, then implemented, and data was used for project analysis.


A goal of this project is to reduce our patients’ risk of developing cardiovascular and/or other morbidity/mortality complications associated with hypertension.


All adult patients age 18 to 79 of NorthShore primary care physicians with prior episodes of elevated blood pressure who have not been diagnosed or treated for the hypertension. A total of 1,417 NorthShore patients and 150 community physicians were engaged in this project.

Project Leader

Michael Rakotz, M.D., Family Medicine

Project Duration

This project is active from January - September 2011.