Patients Meeting Criteria of Hypertension; Patients Meeting Criteria of Undiagnosed Hypertension; Patients with Diagnosis of Untreated Hypertension


Undiagnosed or untreated hypertension is often a “silent killer” that can increase a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke. This project analyzed the issue of undiagnosed or untreated hypertension, using the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to confirm the usefulness of multiple algorithms developed at NorthShore and supported by medical literature.


The aim of the project was to identify adult patients with undiagnosed and untreated hypertension.


A total of 27,043 patient cases were identified who met the criteria of hypertension; 6,248 patient cases who met the criteria of undiagnosed hypertension; and, 3,177 patient cases who met the criteria to receive a diagnosis of untreated hypertension.

Project Leader

Michael Rakotz, M.D., Family Medicine

Project Duration

This project began and was completed in 2010.