Victoria Hledin is the Project Coordinator for the APCIG. She joined the department in June of 2012.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from DePauw University, Hledin’s previous experience includes cancer and infectious disease research. At Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan she aspired to develop an antibody that would prevent the binding of Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) to Met, its cancer-causing receptor. At DePauw University, she developed and performed protocols that would inhibit toxin production in Clostridium difficile, a virulent bacterium, which causes infectious diarrhea.

With an interest in exercise and healthy eating, Hledin believes that it is crucial for youth to develop healthy habits. Her work with Project SOAR, a non-profit that promotes nutrition education in Chicago’s intercity youth, challenged her to implement changes for bettering eating and increased exercise in Chicago’s south side communities. She mentored teenagers to become leaders within their communities and taught them how to instruct and encourage others, especially children, on the importance of nutrition, exercise and weight management. Thru early intervention and research, she believes that progress can be made to improve the overall health of individuals.