Goutham Rao, M. D. Goutham Rao, MD is the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs for the NorthShore and University of Chicago Departments of Family Medicine. He serves as the Family Medicine director for the NorthShore PBRN.

 Dr. Rao joined NorthShore in April 2011, after 15 years at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was Associate Professor of Pediatrics between 2004 and 2011, and Assistant Dean for Faculty Development, 2010-2011.

Dr. Rao is the author of more than 50 publications, including three books. He is Editor-in-Chief of Medical Education Development.

Dr. Rao’s research interests include the use of technology to improve delivery of preventive services. As his clinical and research work has most recently been in the field of childhood obesity, Dr. Rao is pursuing funding to develop systematic approaches to identifying cardiovascular risks in children, and funding to develop financial-incentive based strategies to help adolescents achieve a healthy weight.