After one year of opening, here are some of the highlights that have occurred:

Most prestigiously, Dr. Ernest Wang has been endowed as the Chair of Simulation and Innovation by the Alvin H. Baum Family Foundation.


The Surgical Simulation Lab has grown exponentially, training Residents, Medical Students, Physicians, and other Healthcare Professionals, and has hosted international and national courses on Surgical Procedures, both new and existing. These courses include:

  • A 4-part Open Surgical Skills Training Curriculum, organized by Dr. Katharine Yao with the help of Dr. Mark Singer, Dr. John Linn, Dr. Omar Morcos, and Dr. Nancy Schindler for University of Chicago Residents in rotation with the Department of Surgery
  • The 3rd Annual Chicago Rhinoplasty Symposium with Dr. Jeremy Warner, in conjunction with Dr. Joseph Raviv's Resident Sinus Dissection Course, which is in planning for January 2013
  • The 21st Annual Conference for Advances in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, directed by Dr. Peter K Sand and CME supported
  • Dr. Michael Ujiki's upcoming PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy course (POEM), which is CME supported and will be hosted by Dr. Ujiki and visiting Physicians


The Surgical Simulation Lab has also been host to various Industry Courses.

The Medical Simulation Lab has also had some significant leaps, training Medical Students, Nurses, Residents and other Healthcare Professionals in various courses and programs. We have hosted the first Brain Death Conference with participants both ona national and international level, evaluating the diagnosis of brain death in a hospital setting, and will continue to host more in 2013. Other various courses have included the ICEP Emergent Procedure course.

Additional Highlights

Other significant additions have been:

  • Partnering with the Anesthesia department to provide training for both the Resident and Attending level, working towards MOCHA certification
  • Collaboration with the CRNA program to provide in house Simulation training
  • Hosting Obstetrics and Gynecology programs, providing training to Residents, Medical Students, Nursing, and Pre-Hospital Professionals

The Simulation Lab is also working towards increased Community projects, including outreach with the Big Brother Big Sister program working to educate at-risk teens about medical careers, and hosting Niles Township (Medical Camp).

For More Information

Please explore our site for more detailed information regarding each of these unique programs. We encourage people to contact us to make an appointment to visit our facility.

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