The Grainger Center for Simulation and Innovation at NorthShore Skokie Hospital is led by NorthShore surgeon Jose Velasco, MD.  The Hospital’s Simulation Center teaches a series of laparoscopic training courses that are incorporated into the curriculum for general surgery residents and medical students rotating through the Skokie Hospital campus.

The course entitled “Understanding Laparoscopy” is presented in two sessions: “Basics of Laparoscopy and Troubleshooting” and “Incorporating Technology Into Minimally Invasive Surgery.”  Residents are encouraged to practice the exercises between the two sessions so that performance data can be compared to measure proficiency of the exercises. The initial results from this course were presented at the Central Surgical Association in March 2012 and have be published in Surgery

Another component of the curriculum is a course entitled “Ultrasound Guidance with Central Venous Access.” Along with the general surgery residents, residents from anesthesia and medicine learn the basic cognitive and technical skills used in performing ultrasound-guided central vein cannulation. A course on the management of groin hernias is also included in the general surgery residents’ curriculum.

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