ICU Skills Day

ICU Nurses Mary Reid and Christine Lawlor have developed a simulation course for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), with facilitation by the staff of NCSI in the SIM Lab, including Program Manager Pam Aitchison. The CRRT program is used to train nurses in the intensive care unit.  This high intensity, complex therapy is used infrequently and requires training at the bedside.  The advantage of simulation training is that the nurses can do it over and over again, even before they perform it on a live patient.  The program included lecture, pre & post test and hands on skills using high fidelity mannequins to mimic a critical dialysis patient.

Christine and Mary will be presenting this new and unique training at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Conference held in Orlando, Florida January 2013.

The program has taught 68 ICU nurses CRRT and various critical skills to include Stroke, TPA administration, EVD and various static desplays.

First 5 Minutes

NCSI Program Manager Pam Aitchison has also developed the highly beneficial First 5 Minutes of the Acutely Ill Patient Course. This unique educational innovation teaches nursing staff common acute changes for their patients in non critical care areas.

The course has allowed nurses from all units to learn the importance of assigning colleagues critical tasks and appreciating the concept of crew resource management as a national focus for hospital associated critical events. This course provides hands-on learning with high fidelity simulators and equipment currently in practice at NSUHS.

Throughout the First 5 Minutes Course, nurses experience a simulated code blue scenario, such as stroke, seizure, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, and shock. During the scenarios, nurses are able to execute strategies for use of emergency equipment to ensure functionality and availability in a code blue. This course emphasizes teamwork and communication in response to a compromised, acutely ill patient.

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