The Medical Simulation Program partners with physicians, nurses and other clinical staff to provide training across a wide range of specialties.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In partnership with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, we provide system-wide, simulation-based team training for our attending physicians and nursing staff in the areas of shoulder dystocia and post-partum hemorrhage. Under the leadership of Ian Grable, MD, Peggy Ochoa, RN, and Susan Schory, RN, these programs have been tremendously successful. The program includes medical students and resident education as well as a variety of nurses training courses. 


The Department of Pediatrics, under the leadership of Monica Joseph-Griffin, MD, and Noel Mensah-Bonsu, MD, participates in emergent pediatric simulation training monthly for residents and medical students. We are developing partnerships with the University of Chicago pediatric specialists to provide multi-center simulation-based training curricula.  

Anesthesia/Critical Care

Steven Greenberg, MD, and Arthur Tokarczyk, MD, are developing a multidisciplinary critical care training program with an emphasis on patient safety. This program will enhance the communication among care providers in the Intensive Care Unit and provide a safer environment for patients. Physician Torin Shear, MD, Department of Anesthesia, is currently developing an anesthesia simulation curriculum for residents rotating from the University of Chicago.

Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine is extremely vested in the use of simulation to enhance the educational and training experience for its residents. The Internal Medicine residency leadership, Liza Icayan, MD, and William Seiden, MD, ensures that residents participate regularly in resuscitation scenarios, procedural practice and teamwork training.

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